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Wander Until You Are Lost


Ever since I was young I have had this itch inside of me.  An urge to always seek and explore the unknown.  Whether it was in my mind, my relationship, my town…it didn’t matter the medium I always yearned for more.  There is no amount of traveling over the years that has quieted the voice inside of me.  That longing to be somewhere else, the realization that I am no longer moving forward in my current place.  It is a scary thought and an even scarier reality.  To think that for however long, everything I have been chasing is nothing I have been searching for, and it has all led me back to this place I have been trying to escape.  There is no doubt that I have learned and grown over the years, enough to keep me content, but I have now come to this unavoidable fork in the road.  I can continue to be in this stalemate or I can wander until I am lost.

The easy decision would be to stay.  To stay close to friends and family.  To stay close to familiar sights and sounds.  To stay close to familiar streets and smells.  To stay within the comforts that have supported me for so long.  The comforts that have since begun to hold me back.  Or I could go blindly into the unknown.  Run as fast and as far as I can until nothing is familiar at all.  Somewhere no one knows my name.  A place that is so far from the realm of comfortable to me that I have no choice but to completely submerge myself in the sense of being lost.

The choice is obvious to me.  I need to feel something again.  I need to wake up to another sunrise and lay down to another sunset.  I need to feel as far from normal as I can possibly stand.  I need to revel in conversation with complete strangers.  I need to marvel at the beauty of new places.  I need to be inspired by being lost.  The doubt and fear that has most certainly held me back at times, will no longer.  I must break free from the constraints of my comfort zone.  For my wandering soul has sought new life for far too long.