Tag: Poetry

Hope Is…

Hope heals a broken heart. Hope is the light in the dark. Hope is the rock when your world falls apart. Hope is seeing the good through the bad. Hope helps when we are hindered. Hope saves when we are suffering. Hope guides when we are lost. Hope conquers the unknown. Hope is peace amongst the pain. Hope deals with… Read more →

No Vacancy

I met you in the most unlikely space.  Not work or the grocery, but in the shadows of a technical place.  I immediately realized your heart was not yours alone.  I explored your mind, I walked in your life and I saw pieces of your heart scattered through it all.  Pieces shattered from the past that left you alone.  As… Read more →

Free from you

At the end of today, on the horizon of the sun, you will leave me again. The inevitable will come. I live each moment as if it is our last. As you drive away, leaving me with a lonesome goodbye, I will wait with bated breath, to live you all over again. It was an explosion of pain, it came… Read more →