The Lyric of Love


Love is spoken in many different languages.  Some more fluent than others, some happier than others, and some angrier than others.  They all have one thing in common; they are words from the mouths of the fallen.  Except one, there is one that is spoken through the lyrics of songs that speak directly to your soul.  Songbirds that have carried you to safety after every broken heart and every failed moment.  Words assembled in a way that speaks fluently to your heart and your heart alone. No other person in this world feels how you feel when you hear those words put together in that specific way.  Why is it that music can make us feel so deeply?  Words someone is singing for someone else or some other reason, at that moment are only being sung for you.  There is a raw emotion in the language of lyric, immeasurable and undeniable.  So, when you can’t speak; when there is no language you can derive from your lips; be silent and listen, there is a lyric that is waiting to take you away.

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