To Survive is to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.  


It’s funny how commonly we use the word survive when talking about an accident or near death experience or anything related to someone surviving death.  But how often do we think of and acknowledge the ones that survive daily life.  Just by waking up and making it through another day, they survive life.  The woman who wakes up every morning to an emotionally or physically abusive man, survives.  She makes her way through the day tiptoeing around her words.  She avoids confrontation at all costs.  She holds her breath every time there is an encounter.  She even blames herself for the pain he causes.  Eventually she lays her head on the pillow just to wake up and do it all over again.  She survived life.  The child living in an abusive home, survives.  They live in fear most of us will never experience.  Fear of the mother and father that should show them love.  Fear of eating, sleeping, speaking and breathing.  Fear of what will happen if they mess up.  Fear of what will happen if they lose those very parents.  Fear of everything, everyday.  They survived life.  The teenager who faces the bully, survives.  Every morning they walk to school with a sinking feeling.  They are forced to face the worst kind of enemy, the judgement and ridicule of their peers.  They stay out of sight as much as they can, blending in where they can’t be seen.  They get through the torment of the day to head back to the only safe they know, home.  There they sit online to face the harsh judgement again.  All the while they ask themselves, why isn’t anyone doing anything?  What is wrong with me?  Those empty questions are left only to be filled with the hate that awaits them every day.  They survived life.  The man who is drowning in his debt, survives.  He runs from the incessant phone calls.  He hides from the bill collectors.  He can barely rub two pennies together but, somehow he has to manage to eat, shower and have a roof over his head.  Every morning he wakes up he hangs onto what little faith he still has.  He manages the days between each pay check.  When he lays his head down at night, he knows sadness and defeat more than most.  He survived life.  The spouse facing the ultimate deception, survives.  They manage to get up every morning and play house.  They give kisses goodbye and hugs hello.  They go grocery shopping and make family dinners.  They help with homework and give baths.  They brag to their friends how wonderful married life is, and sometimes they even believe it.  They do holidays, parties, in-laws and anniversaries.  They even try counseling.  All the while their spouse takes another.  Still, every night they manage to lay their head next to their cheater.  They survived life.  The daughter, son, mother, father, spouse who know loss, survive.  They wake up every morning to an unfathomable emptiness.  They get married, start jobs, have kids and life goes on.  But part of them is always missing.  They carry a burden of loneliness and sorrow that does not go away.  They have to keep going everyday knowing deep down they wish it had been them instead.  They know uncontrollable sobbing and sleepless nights.  They survived life.  The family battling sickness, survive.  They wake up knowing that day could be the last.  They watch a broken family become their strength.  They experience doubt, fear, hate, anger, happiness, hopelessness, heartache and pain at any given moment.  They pray and hope when they lay their head down it will not be the last.  They survived life.


Every moment of every day men, woman and children survive life.  For reasons that are not important, they stay and fight through each day.  Some may be for money, security, children or they just have no way out.  So many of us survive, sometimes barely but what other choice do we have?  Life was never promised to be easy.  Life is and will be the hardest thing we face.  Some days will be great but a lot of them will just plain suck.  Perhaps, we fight because we know deep down there is something out there worth fighting for.  Life is worth fighting for.  As long as we get up every morning and survive with the best part of us, we will prevail.  Maybe not today or tomorrow or in two years but it will happen, something always gives.  Chapters end and new ones begin with a whole new set of struggle.  Don’t take moments for granted.  Don’t take people for granted.  Don’t take life for granted.  Love as hard as you can and live as best as you can.  The silver lining is out there you just have to survive.



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