A very special Christmas

I haven’t posted for awhile.  It isn’t always easy to find the time to sit down and blog.  Sometimes I find comfort in just journaling.  Alas, ’tis the season to get back to habits.  Habits that make me happy.

It only seems fitting that I start with an update on the wonderful woman I work for.  Since my last post on her the kids have since gone back to school and life seemingly goes on as it once did, pre-cancer.  If I think back to the first time I met her, right after she got diagnosed, that was a glimpse of their normal.  While they were coping with that devastating news their life was still fairly normal.  It wasn’t until I started that the news and sickness really started sinking in.  Here we are nine months later and she has lost more than half her weight and hair.  The only thing she hasn’t lost is her strength, beauty and positive attitude.  I take solitude in the fact that I am doing my best to do exactly what she asked of me, to make those kids lives as normal and stress free as possible.

So, life has gone on.  Currently no surgeries as of yet.  Chemo regularly.  Bone scans every couple months.  This last scan told us that she was stable.  Which is neither good nor bad.  With the holidays on the horizon they decided to follow through with their annual family vacation to Florida.  I remember sitting in her kitchen two days before they left and her telling me about the latest appointment,

Her, “My doctor is mad at me.”

Me, “Why?”

Her, “Because I am going to Florida.  She said how dare I go without asking her.  Next time I need to ask her permission.”

She giggled upon finishing the statement.

Her, “I just looked at her and replied, yeah ok.”

She disclosed to me that she would never ask permission to do anything with her family.  And can you blame her?  I mean yes this doctor is trying to save her life but at what cost?  She would rather have a life to save than to not have one at all.  She is not one to lock herself in her room and let this beat her.  She will spend every ounce of energy she has making memories with her husband and kids.  I understand the doctor has to be the doctor but at the end of the day she knows her body.  She knows what she can handle.  She decides what is done with her time.  Not cancer, not the doctor.

There is a very important message in her decision to go on the family vacation despite being sick.  I think people hear cancer and are quick to assume the absolute worst.  But you will find the ones fighting it to be the strongest and most optimistic.  The fact that her doctor said she had to ask permission to go on vacation was absolutely absurd in her mind.  Because in her mind she has already won.  She will beat this.  Her life is not going to be dictated by cancer.  We can all learn something from that frame of mind. Our minds are more powerful than we may think.

This Christmas I am thankful she got to have another year of making unforgettable memories with her family on vacation and at home.

As for New Year’s, here’s to another year of fighting for her life.

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