No Vacancy

I met you in the most unlikely space.  Not work or the grocery, but in the shadows of a technical place.  I immediately realized your heart was not yours alone.  I explored your mind, I walked in your life and I saw pieces of your heart scattered through it all.  Pieces shattered from the past that left you alone.  As I began picking up the pieces, my heart began falling.  Your pain makes me sad, sadder than my pain makes me.  I would take yours with mine, I would carry your burdens to the ends of the earth if it would free your heart.  I would scatter it across the ocean, to the depths of no return, never to hurt you again.  I am falling for the beauty I find in your pain.  The hidden corners of your mind, places unexplored by the ones before.  And I will wait, without rest, until there is vacancy in your heart once more.

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