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Letting Go

It’s funny how we hang onto so many “things” in life.  About four months after moving into my place I was still unpacking, and that was no surprise to me or anyone that knows me.  One night I came across some documents that brought a painful memory to the forefront of my mind.  After several tears, I began to think, if things can have this kind of impact on me what are the people in my life doing to me?  Much like things in life we have a hard time letting people go.  Often we hang onto people at the expense of our health and well-being.  People that may be in our lives or those that have already left, we grasp onto the tangible and the intangible for fear of letting go, loss or facing the inevitable truth.  I couldn’t help but think that had I not kept those things I would not have felt the sadness that overcame me when they resurfaced.  It is okay to forget some things; it is okay to let go.  There are points in our lives and people that come into our lives that help teach us and mold us into who we are today.  But that is all they are meant for; they are not meant to be carried on into our future.  Letting go allows us to begin again.  I had to ask myself, how many “things” am I carrying?  How many grudges, exes, and regrets are keeping me from moving on?  It was a tough realization that needed to be dealt with to free my mind and life of toxicities that were burdening me.  Imagine the sense of freedom and free space in our minds if only we learn to let go.

A filler, seeking a forever

It isn’t always easy, being the filler.

The person that occupies space in someone’s life

until something better comes along.

Fulfilling needs, as needed, on a need to know basis.

It’s like walking towards a ledge, blindfolded,

anticipation of the end is overwhelming and unknown.

Arms reaching out for the safety of the other person,

or some proof that it is real,

that the love is mutual.

Each footstep a deafening reminder that time is running out.

The realization that one day you will wake up

and no longer be needed becomes too heavy to carry.

Until finally, time stops.

His heart yearns for another,

He needs you no longer.

Broken you move on,

believing one day you will no longer be the filler,

you’ll become the forever.

The Lyric of Love

Love is spoken in many different languages.  Some more fluent than others, some happier than others, and some angrier than others.  They all have one thing in common; they are words from the mouths of the fallen.  Except one, there is one that is spoken through the lyrics of songs that speak directly to your soul.  Songbirds that have carried… Read more →


To Survive is to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.     It’s funny how commonly we use the word survive when talking about an accident or near death experience or anything related to someone surviving death.  But how often do we think of and acknowledge the ones that survive daily life.  Just by waking up and making… Read more →

No Vacancy

I met you in the most unlikely space.  Not work or the grocery, but in the shadows of a technical place.  I immediately realized your heart was not yours alone.  I explored your mind, I walked in your life and I saw pieces of your heart scattered through it all.  Pieces shattered from the past that left you alone.  As… Read more →