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Hope Is…

Hope heals a broken heart. Hope is the light in the dark. Hope is the rock when your world falls apart. Hope is seeing the good through the bad. Hope helps when we are hindered. Hope saves when we are suffering. Hope guides when we are lost. Hope conquers the unknown. Hope is peace amongst the pain. Hope deals with… Read more →


It has been awhile since I have written about her.  Mostly because she has been amazing.  Better and fighting harder than most expected.  The past month has consisted of pool trips with the kids, grocery excursions, date nights, bike rides and family parties.  She has been feeling so good it was as if she wasn’t fighting a sickness at all.… Read more →

The tender heart

Vulnerability is beautiful.  So many woman these days are so afraid to be vulnerable.  They want to be strong, don’t give a shit, independent, feminists.  While those are some good qualities and I say more power to you, everything is bad if not in moderation.  Oreos are good, a whole bag of Oreos, not so much.  Rain is nice, continual… Read more →

The Prayer

Today came with some unexpected appointments.  That keeps happening more and more.  Grandma came to sit with the boy while I went to get his big sister.  She got here a little early so we were able to chat a bit before I had to leave.  She spoke of her daughter-in-law with such great admiration.  It was nice to hear… Read more →


As I drove to work today I thought about all the things I could or would want to write about.  When I got to work it became painstakingly clear.  Two weeks ago God brought me to a beautiful house in Westlake, Ohio.  At the door waiting for me was, what I have come to find out, the most courageous woman… Read more →


Busy.  That is the pace of the world these days.  Busy minds, busy bodies.  During my brief alone time this morning, while the kids were at school and the chores were finished, I took a moment to stop.  One of the first times this spring it was warm enough to have the entire house open.  I sat and listened.  I listened… Read more →