Category: Poetry

Free from you

At the end of today, on the horizon of the sun, you will leave me again. The inevitable will come. I live each moment as if it is our last. As you drive away, leaving me with a lonesome goodbye, I will wait with bated breath, to live you all over again. It was an explosion of pain, it came… Read more →

My Last

You may not be the first to make me cry, or hold me tight, or kiss my mind, or explore my body in the dark, or gaze into my eyes in the light, or make me miss you like crazy, or to undress my flaws, or to make me feel love, or to make me feel hate, you may not… Read more →

To Suffer

Life is full of suffering.  Suffering that has been, suffering that is and suffering that will be.  Sometimes we are born into it, sometimes we are victims of it and sometimes we create it ourselves.  There have been times in my life that I honestly believed I was born to suffer. It was so overwhelming that I was so selfish and… Read more →