Category: Poetry

A filler, seeking a forever

It isn’t always easy, being the filler.

The person that occupies space in someone’s life

until something better comes along.

Fulfilling needs, as needed, on a need to know basis.

It’s like walking towards a ledge, blindfolded,

anticipation of the end is overwhelming and unknown.

Arms reaching out for the safety of the other person,

or some proof that it is real,

that the love is mutual.

Each footstep a deafening reminder that time is running out.

The realization that one day you will wake up

and no longer be needed becomes too heavy to carry.

Until finally, time stops.

His heart yearns for another,

He needs you no longer.

Broken you move on,

believing one day you will no longer be the filler,

you’ll become the forever.

Hope Is…

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No Vacancy

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