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The tender heart

Vulnerability is beautiful.  So many woman these days are so afraid to be vulnerable.  They want to be strong, don’t give a shit, independent, feminists.  While those are some good qualities and I say more power to you, everything is bad if not in moderation.  Oreos are good, a whole bag of Oreos, not so much.  Rain is nice, continual… Read more →

To Suffer

Life is full of suffering.  Suffering that has been, suffering that is and suffering that will be.  Sometimes we are born into it, sometimes we are victims of it and sometimes we create it ourselves.  There have been times in my life that I honestly believed I was born to suffer. It was so overwhelming that I was so selfish and… Read more →

Apocalypse Now

As I sat at the bar sipping my beer, my attention drifted, from the seemingly boring conversation I was less than involved in, to the televisions that surrounded me.  Flashing bombs going off across the world, planes crashing, people fighting to live, politicians pining for your attention…is this real life?  Is this the beginning of the end?  Are we as… Read more →

Timing is…

Timing is everything.  A saying we hear frequently.  But really timing is relative.  Relative to the person it is directed towards.  For the conventional, timing is right now, get it done, move forward.  To a free spirit, timing is unknown, left to the universe.  You move and you shake to your own beat and timing meets you in the middle.… Read more →

The ‘yes’ girl

I have grown tiresome of the inadequate relationships in my life.  Instead of being lifted by positive love I have been suffocated by the negative. I have no one to blame but myself.  Is loneliness so horrible that I would risk my heart again?  Am I so weak minded that my exes come back for ‘benefits’?  I remember the first time I… Read more →