Author: Ashley

Sound mind, sound life

Today started like many other days.  Pretty normal, pretty routine.  I try to make time every morning to read my devotions.  This morning it seemed each of my devotions were teaching me similar things.  Meditate in you and your worth, have a positive outlook and attitude, and lead a holy life.  Three separate devotions, three different writers, one similar lesson. … Read more →


To Survive is to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.     It’s funny how commonly we use the word survive when talking about an accident or near death experience or anything related to someone surviving death.  But how often do we think of and acknowledge the ones that survive daily life.  Just by waking up and making… Read more →

Hope Is…

Hope heals a broken heart. Hope is the light in the dark. Hope is the rock when your world falls apart. Hope is seeing the good through the bad. Hope helps when we are hindered. Hope saves when we are suffering. Hope guides when we are lost. Hope conquers the unknown. Hope is peace amongst the pain. Hope deals with… Read more →